Here is where the beauty lies. We’ve taken that extra-mile and crafted an advanced but simple to use shortcodes plugin that will allow you to give structure and bling to your pages and posts. To ensure ease of use, everything is visual, nicely packed in a modal window accessible from the WordPress editor. Look for that funky P button. More about shortcodes in documentation.


[button link=”#”]Default[/button]
[button link=”#” size=”small”]Small[/button]
[button size=”large”]Large[/button]
[button size=”huge”]Huge[/button]
[button link=”#” size=”huge” text_size=”alpha”]Ultra Huge[/button]


Small Medium Big
Default [icon name=”picture-o”] [icon name=”camera” size=”medium”] [icon name=”tag” size=”big”]
Circles [icon type=”circle” size=”small” name=”picture-o”] [icon type=”circle” size=”medium” name=”camera”] [icon type=”circle” size=”big” name=”tag”]
Square [icon type=”square” size=”small” name=”picture-o”] [icon type=”square” size=”medium” name=”camera”] [icon type=”square” size=”big” name=”tag”]


[quote author=”Albert not Einstein ” link=”Theoretical Physicist”]

Adenosine is kind of like your brain’s battery status monitor.



[tab title=”About”]

Using our exclusive shortcodes plugin you will find that using them has never been easier. LENS let’s your works shine and play in the eyes of your visitors.

This is a very visual theme, merging pictures and text seamlessly, featuring a grid based, patchwork portfolio section and page that tempts your visitors.

[tab title=”Pricing”]

Because beautiful imagery and carefully written content need to shine on any device, LENS is a fully responsive, Retina-ready WordPress theme, with adaptive images that will look great down to the phone in your pocket. It takes advantage of large screens with full width sections (like the grid based portfolio) but it scales beautifully on any device.


[tab title=”Support”]

We strive to provide awesome support to all of our customers. If you need support please use our dedicated support forum.

We’ve chosen to have a dedicated support forum so you can easily track your tickets, receive notifications when someones answer and make things easier for both of us. You will also be able to review other information that was requested and given to other buyers.



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